Mint organic essential oil 15 ml
Mint organic essential oil 15 ml

Mint organic essential oil 15 ml

It is always said that if you feel under pressure or if you have a problem, eat peppermint. This will help you eradicate the problems. Moreover, it is very effective in reducing itching, which normally happens to people during summers. It also plays an important role in eradicating skin redness and other problems.  It also plays an important role in cleaning the mouth completely. Many toothpaste brands use this oil as a refreshing substance through which they can help in having fresh breath which can help them in their daily activities.

Mint oil is non-toxic and non-irritating in dilutions. However, a person may experience sensitization when using the menthol substance. It should be kept away from the eyes, otherwise it may have harmful effects on the eyes. Pregnant women should avoid it and children under 7 should avoid it. Moreover, its improper use can cause problems to a person's skin and muscles.

. Organic essential oil for external use. Essential oils are increasingly recognized for their benefits to health and individual well-being. Used in aromatherapy and massages, each essential oil has unique and different properties that will allow your body to regain its balance. Subjected to permanent nuisances, the body and the spirit must face daily these stimulations which parasitize our organism and the natural methods such as the use of essential oils make it possible to achieve serenity and well-being. Be careful, essential oils must be used sparingly and following the specific instructions for each oil. As a general rule, essential oils are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, children under 7, people with epilepsy and the elderly. Do not use in continuous diffusion and always dilute with vegetable oil for skin application. In a diffuser add 3 to 10 drops in a little water. Note: Photo not contractual. Colors and dimensions may vary slightly depending on arrivals. Do not use pure on the skin.

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Mediterranean origin

Flowering tops, the leaves are steamed.

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