Statue of a terracotta soldier

Statue of a terracotta soldier

The statue easily embellishes and refreshes your home. Trendy decor idea, this accessory is not new. In fact, since Antiquity, statues have always held an important place in the life of men. Whether they are funeral objects, religious objects or devotions, the statue today serves as a decoration. Bringing 'that je ne sais quoi' to your interior and exterior, this ancestral practice and this tendency are not about to decrease.

A terracotta army from Emperor Qinshihuang's mausoleum has been discovered a few kilometers from the city of Xian in central China. The large number of terracotta statues were distributed in several pits, over an area of approximately 56 square kilometers. Each statue has a different face. It is about the buried army intended to guard the emperor. The soldiers are distinguished from each other by their size, posture, head, uniform and headdress. Initially, all were armed and painted in bright colors but these unfortunately disappeared following a fire in the pits by the Han rebels in the year 206 BC. JC. and by their exposure to the open air during the first archaeological excavations. Some are infantry, others are archers, horsemen or generals.

The statues we offer you are high quality reproductions and handcrafted design. About thirty different pieces according to their posture and facial expression are available. Mythical, these statues embody a form of vitality, of strength through the ages and customs. These will sublimate your home not without difficulty.

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Maintenance: To clean the terracotta statues, we recommend that you use absorbent paper for liquid dirt or a damp microfiber brush for dust. We advise you to clean your terracotta statue at least once a year by washing it with hot water and black soap then rinse thoroughly with clear water.

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Height: 65 cm

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