"Dharmachakra Mudra" Buddha statue
"Dharmachakra Mudra" Buddha statue
"Dharmachakra Mudra" Buddha statue
"Dharmachakra Mudra" Buddha statue
"Dharmachakra Mudra" Buddha statue

"Dharmachakra Mudra" Buddha statue

The statue easily embellisehs and refreshes your home. Trendy decor idea, this accessory is not new. In fact, since Antiquity, statues have always held an important place in the life of men. Whether they are funeral objects, religious objects or devotions, the statue today serves as a decoration. Bringing 'that je ne sais quoi' to your interior and exterior, this ancestral practice and this tendency are not about to decrease.

This beautiful statue represents the Buddha on the path to enlightenment. Dharmachakra literally means in Sanskrit the "wheel of Dharma". This mudra symbolizes one of the most important moments in the life of the Buddha, when he preached his first sermon after his enlightenment in Deer Park in Sarnath, India. It thus designates the setting in motion of the Wheel of Dharma teaching. In this mudra the thumb and forefinger of both hands touch each other at their ends to form a circle.This circle represents the wheel of dharma, or in metaphysical terms, the union of method and wisdom. The other three fingers of both hands remain extended. These fingers are themselves rich in symbolic meaning. The three extended fingers of the right hand represent the three vehicles of the Buddha's teachings: the middle finger represents the “hearers” of the teachings. the index represents the "realizers" of the teachings and the little finger represents the Mahayana or Great Vehicle. The three extended fingers of the left hand symbolize the three jewels of Buddhism, namely, the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha. The hands are held in front of the heart, symbolizing that these teachings come straight from the heart of the Buddha.

Enhance your garden or your interior with this wonderful statue, all symbols and elegance.

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Maintenance : To clean your engineered stone, you won't need a lot of materials or spend a fortune. A brush, preferably soft, and soapy water with a natural cleanser such as Marseille soap or black soap will do the trick. Rinse it off with clear water.

Note : Non-contractual photo. Colors and dimensions may vary slightly depending on arrivals.

Dimensions :

Large Buddha : 42x40x33x60

Small Buddha :  16x17x20x45


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