Poivre allongé 10gr


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Origin : Indonesia, island of Java

The long pepper is now almost unknown to all, yet it is historically the first pepper that was imported from Europe.

In India, it is used to treat bronchial asthma and muscle weakness. It is a fertilizer, which have been attributed aphrodisiac properties for women.

The flavor of the pepper of java is hot and slightly sweet, between the cinnamon, anise and licorice.

It is very fragrant with a sweet and fruity, but not as strong as the black pepper level of spiciness.

You can crush them in a mortar and then in the coffee grinder. It can also be grating.

Unlike other peppers, it supports very well the heat prolonged.

It suggests, in particular, to complement the osso-buco, milk cheese, fresh goat, soups and winter soups. Now don't hesitate to put long pepper in all your meals, such as a pepper traditional. You can put the cobs whole (broken into two or three) in the fish en papillote, soups, or marinades for meats and in all of the dishes in sauce.

Finally, it is all the rage on the desserts ! Grate on your fruit (melons, strawberries, stewed...), chocolate, your pies, lemon, white cheese, chocolate cakes...

Cream of leek soup, goat cheese and long pepper from Java

Shortbread with honey and long pepper

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