Piment du Kerala au gramme


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For the Indians, a meal without chili is like a summer without sun. The peppers are grown high in the sunny lands of the south of India. They contain a lot of capsaicin and are, therefore, very spicy, though slightly fruity.

The chilli pepper is a miracle cure in the modern kitchen : a chocolate cream, a yogurt sauce or a pumpkin soup, the chili gives the "oomph" to many recipes. If you want, you can soften the pepper by removing the seeds and placing it in salt water. Cooking long also softens its pungency.

The chili warms, invigorates and stimulates the blood circulation, it has a sudorific and releases endorphins in our body. It can help if you are hoarse or if you have rheumatic pain. It is also rich in vitamin C and helps the digestion. Caution : over-consumption can irritate the stomach.

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