TV stand "Periya"

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All of our furniture in recycled wood massif are made from old billboards, doors, shutters and furniture.

What makes the pieces totally unique pieces of solid wood.

They come from the blue city Jodhpur in India

TV stand "Periya" - 56X184X45X60

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At once classic and contemporary tv stand PERIYA offers a large storage space with its two side doors, and its central niche that will accommodate your electronic devices (if needed, our carpenter will be happy to drill holes for the cables from your different devices). The beauty of this piece of furniture is found in its doors in recycled wood worked meticulously by our skilled craftsmen who make each piece a unique piece. With a few small decorative objects, your tv unit will be the most beautiful effect in your living room.

The Sheesham or rose wood of India is a wood palissandré shades of dark mottled black and purple. A native of Northern India, this timber has a uniform texture and offers shades ranging from gold to dark brown. Extremely dense, it is equivalent oriental of solid walnut. Very resistant, this precious material requires little maintenance and will withstand the rigors of time. All the furniture that we offer are made of solid wood handmade by artisans in Northern India, the small differences between the same models to make them authentic and unique. In addition to having a piece of furniture made with care and know-how you are helping artisans to perpetuate their traditions. The doors of this cabinet are recycled wood, decoration idea is original, the colours may vary depending on the species of wood used. We are at your service to provide you with parts in harmony with each other and which will find their place in any type of habitat. Maintenance : A simple cloth and wax or oil will sublimate and feed your piece of furniture. In case of stains, soapy water will be sufficient. Note: non contractual Photo. Colors and dimensions may slightly vary according to arrivals.

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