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Grand Buddha "Dharmachakra Mudra" - 42x40x33x60

Petit Buddha "Dharmachakra Mudra" - 16x17x20x45

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The teaching of the Buddha on the path to enlightenment Dharmachakra literally means in sanskrit the " wheel of Dharma ". This mudra symbolizes one of the most important moments of the life of the Buddha, when he preached his first sermon after his enlightenment in the Deer Park at Sarnath, India. It refers to the setting in motion the Wheel of teaching the Dharma. In this mudra the thumb and index finger of both hands touch at their tips to form a circle. This circle represents the wheel of dharma, or in metaphysical terms, the union of method and wisdom. The other three fingers of both hands are extended. These fingers are themselves rich in symbolic significance : The three extended fingers of the right hand represent the three vehicles of the Buddha's teachings :the middle finger represents the 'hearers' of the teachings. the index represents the "directors" of the teachings and the little finger represents the Mahayana or Great Vehicle. - The three extended fingers of the left hand symbolize the three jewels of buddhism, namely the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha. The hands are held in front of the heart, symbolizing that these teachings come straight from the heart of the Buddha.

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