"Nag Champa'' Incense

"Nag Champa'' Incense

The best-selling Indian incense in the world is Nag Champa incense!

It contains no less than 160 aromatic products: plants, essential oils, honey, Agarwood, Mango tree gum, frangipani flowers, sandalwood, and above all a yellow flower from a Himalayan tree, the Michelia Champaka. It is this flower that gives this particular fragrance to Nag Champa incense.

It is often reported that Nag Champa incense leads to obtaining a state of calm and meditation. Its high concentration of sandalwood soothes the mind. And, the Champa flower promotes relaxation and inner well-being. Products scented with Nag Champa are therefore a good conditioning for meditation or relaxation sessions.

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