Balm Himalaya Cold Balm" against the chills

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Balm Himalaya Cold Balm" against the chills

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The balm Himalaya COLD BALM against colds is a soothing balm to the properties of ayurvedic that relieves nasal congestion and chest. Its effects relieve headaches and body aches associated with the common cold. Apply locally on the nose, the forehead and the chest.

The key ingredients are : - oil Extracts of camphor, which act as a stimulant to the skin and an anti-irritant. - Eucalyptus oil is easily absorbed and is locally used as massage oil. - Extracts of mint, which can reduce the nerve pain and help reduce fever. - Oil of turpentine extracted from the pine of india, which is used in many ointments and ointments to treat pain and colds minor. It relieves irritation and also decreases the redness of the skin. - Oil of nutmeg that is used as a counter-irritant that stimulates blood flow to the applied area. Each gram contains : Oils : Karpoora (cinnamomum camphora) bk. 50mg, Nilgiri taila (Eucalyptus globulus) Lf. 50mg, Putiha (Mentha arvensis) Fl. 50mg, Shrivasa (Pinus roxburghii) Bl. 40 mg, Jatiphalam (Myristica fragrans) Sd. 10mg.

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