"Tatai" Floor lamp
"Tatai" Floor lamp
"Tatai" Floor lamp
"Tatai" Floor lamp
"Tatai" Floor lamp
"Tatai" Floor lamp

"Tatai" Floor lamp

Coming straight from Indonesia, the TATAI floor lamp is both elegant and refined. The artisanal work of bamboo and mother-of-pearl is highlighted thanks to this subtle mixture of materials. The two bulbs create a pure and partly translucent light. Ideal in your living room, this floor lamp can just as easily create a subdued atmosphere in a bedroom.

Mother-of-pearl comes from the interior coating of certain seashells. Characterized by iridescent reflections, it is an element widely used in decoration, marquetry and jewelry making. Indonesia is a recognized mother-of-pearl producer and our artisans based on the island of Bali have great expertise in working with this material. First softened in boiling water, the mother-of-pearl is then worked in a thin layer to create unique objects. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, if cut properly it even has the ability to regenerate on its own. Very resistant and light, this plant is used for many areas ranging from food to construction. The use of bamboo is very trendy and adds exoticism to a room.

All our lamps are sold without the bulbs. Most of our models work with classic bulbs type E27 (diameter 27mm) with large screw base. For better comfort and long-term savings, we recommend the use of LED bulbs.

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Maintenance :

Mother-of-pearl maintenance: For routine maintenance, a cloth soaked in lukewarm water and soap will be perfect (rinse well and dry). For a shine, a soft cloth dampened with a drop of olive or sweet almond oil is ideal.

Bamboo maintenance: For routine maintenance, a cloth soaked in hot water with ammonia and a sponge to rinse everything will suffice. Wipe dry after cleaning. To feed the bamboo, linseed oil is ideal.

Note: Non-contractual photo. Colors and dimensions may vary slightly depending on arrivals.


Height: 145cm

Width: 29 cm

Length: 29cm

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