Small coffee table

Small coffee table

Inspired by the Ming dynasty, this small coffee table will be discreet, but will create a unique atmosphere in your room. Painted the old-fashioned way according to tradition, this piece of furniture will undoubtedly give the touch of color that your home lacks and an Asian atmosphere to your home. Ideal in a living room, it will also be an extra piece of furniture for a reading corner or in a bedroom.

Chinese cabinet makers mainly use elm and prickly woods in their furniture design. Stronger and more flexible than oak, elm is a firm, fairly hard wood with a magnificent veal.

Lacquer, on the other hand, has its roots over 3,000 years ago and is of Chinese origin. Natural lacquer is a resin extracted from a tree called the "lacquer tree". The colors used on our furniture are reconstituted lacquers. The application is done in several coats, up to 17. The smooth appearance is obtained by multiple sanding which is done with water and after each coat. The beauty of the process lies in its effect of depth and slight translucency. The effect is splendid and will enhance your home without equal.

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Maintenance : To remove dust, a damp cloth is ideal. You can then wipe with a soft, dry cloth.

Note : Non-contractual photo. Colors and dimensions may vary slightly depending on arrivals.

Dimensions :

Height: 27cm

Length: 58 cm

Width: 44 cm

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