Coffee Table "Mao"

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Coffee Table "Mao" - 22x60x60x41

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Many legends surround the origin of tea, one of them states that the leaves of the tea tree would spare to fall into the hot water of the Emperor of China. For millennia, tea has been consumed in China and is surrounded by numerous ceremonies. Fitted with a drawer, the coffee table square MAO is both decorative and functional, and transports us straight into the China of yesteryear. With two cushions on the ground and surmounted with a teapot and a cup of tea, every day is a new journey through time and across continents.

Cabinetmakers chinese primarily use the elm in their design of furniture. More resistant and more flexible than the oak, the elm is a wood farm, hard enough and with a grain of beautiful. The finish is "painted leather" is a technique in traditional chinese, which is to cover the furniture with the composition leather and painted with various motifs. From red to burgundy depending on the exposure and the finish of the varnish is applied to the patterns mostly represent scenes of life in ancient times, flowers and animals. The interiors, meanwhile, are covered with reproduction of lunar calendars. The rendering of this piece of furniture is unique from both a visual level and at the level of touch. All of our leather furniture is painted is hand-painted by our artisans in chinese, in order to preserve the beauty of these paintings, we recommend that you do not directly expose your parts to the sun and keep them away from heat sources and external aggressions such as rain and humidity. Maintenance : as a general rule, furniture leather, painted only in need of dust control, however if you find that it has lost its shiny it will be enough to shine it with a little linseed oil. Note: non contractual Photo. Colors and dimensions may slightly vary according to arrivals.

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