Ear candles "Indian"

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Used for shekels, the ear candles are a very effective way to clean the ear in a natural way and get rid of impurities. It attributes the origin of this technique to the Hopi indians of Arizona, however, have also found in Asia.

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The candle works on the principle of the effect of the fireplace. The secretions in the ear are sucked out gently towards the outside. Use : do not do it alone ! Keep on hand a glass of water to extinguish the candle. Insert the plug end off in the ear canal by a slight movement of rotation, just enough to keep the smoked to escape from the bottom. It is desirable to follow the direction of the external auditory canal. Hold the candle between your fingers. All this done with a lot of sweetness because in no case the spark plug should not make evil, nor the insertion or during the combustion. It gently removes the candle, when the flame arrives at 7 cm from the ear (height of the line) and then extinguish it in the glass of water. With a cotton swab, gently clean off the accumulated residues. It avoids pushing residues in the ear. By cutting out the candle that has burned, you will see the residue that it contains : the yellow powder and the residue caramelized. It is recommended to use the ear candles once every one to two weeks.,

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