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Book """"CALCUTTA"""" - H26x26x0 - black and white

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This city infamous as the city of all the misery, a picture is necessary to me. The one became the mother of so many of my photos, that felt to the deepest core of my being when the mom kissed her child with all the tenderness and the happiness of the world, to me burning at the same time the fire of my own memories. It was on a sidewalk in the clinic's street, where dr. Jack Preger gives and gives hope and life. I became a photographer that day.

For this doctor forgotten, for them, for me especially, I have learned another language. Calcutta, ever mysterious, you reveal alternately caresses and slaps. You breezes, and all the clichés propagated by birds of misfortune. Calcutta, you are a princess in rags in a palace that is open to all the winds.

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