Oil ayurvŽdique "Saptagun"

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Oil ayurvdique "Saptagun"

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The oil ayurvedic BAIDYANATH SAPTAGUN THIS is the perfect remedy in case of burns, back pain and all kinds of strains, it is possible to regulate an excess of Vata.

Leader on the market of Ayurveda since 1917 the company BAIDYANATH has played a pioneering role in adapting these traditional methods of care of modern production techniques. Ayurveda is an alternative medicine that originated in India that has existed for millennia. It is based on the fact that the three basic principles (Dosha) : Vata, Pitta and Kapha, which govern nature, the body set the spirit, must be in harmony so that the mind, physiology, and behavior are balanced and in good health. In order to restore the equilibrium of the Dosha, it is sufficient to take measures based on the type of disturbance. Composition : Til Taila - 10 ml, Manjistha - 0.62 gm, Haridra - 156.36 mg, Nimba - 0.62 gm, Nirgundi - 0.62 gm, Haritaki - 0.62 gm, Bibhitaki - 0.62 gm, Amalaki - 0.62 gm, Sarala - 0.5 gm - Turuksa - 0.5 gm - Rala - 0.5 gm - Guggulu - 0.5 gm - Madanaka - 0.5 gm - Karpura - 0.62 gm - Tarpin Taila - 0.31 gm - Nilgiri Taila - 0.31 gm

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