Turmeric macha
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India meets Matcha! The noble spice is combined with high quality Matcha Two powders, an excellent moment of pleasure!
Tibetan Happiness tea
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Bonheur tibétain is a Chinese oolong blended with papaya, goji berry, peach, fig, marigold and blueberry flowers, all for a pomegranate, goji berry and peach oolong.
Organic coconut lemon green...
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An organic green tea with a delicious coconut lime flavor. The lemon balm and valerian it contains guarantee a relaxed end of the day.
Organic Vietnamese white...
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Mao Feng organic white tea from Vietnam. Its clear yellow-green liquor, its bouquety taste and its fine and sweet aroma make it a delicious tea, to be consumed throughout the day. For sale online from 100 gr
Fresh lime green tea
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This fruity and fresh composition of green tea with citrus aromas invigorates body and mind. For sale online from 100 gr
Ginger orange cinnamon...
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Composition of rooibos, ginger, orange and cinnamon for a spicy and warming herbal tea For sale online from 100 gr
Melisse-lemon infusion
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Aromatic herbal tea with lemon balm flavor with a fruity and fresh note
Blooming Tea Imperial lily
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Flower teas are hand rolled one by one by artisans with the highest quality edible green tea leaves and flowers. Infused in a glass teapot, the tea blooms ... For sale online from 50 gr
Very aromatic, lemon verbena offers its saving benefits. Helping digestion and relieving stress, its tangy leaves make up comforting herbal teas.
Flower teas are hand rolled one by one by artisans with the highest quality edible green tea leaves and flowers. Infused in a glass teapot, the tea blooms ...
These light yellow colored dried jasmine flower buds have a fresh, elegant and refreshing scent. It is a widespread practice in China to use jasmine flowers for their health benefits, including as an antidepressant, relaxant and detoxifier.
Rosebuds have been infused for centuries in China and the East. Between 5 and 6 buttons in a 3dl cup, to obtain an infusion with digestive virtues. It is also eaten quite simply for its delicate and refreshing taste.
Matcha literally means "tea powder" in Japanese. Matcha is a green tea from Japan, obtained from the powdered tea leaves. This tea is consumed in Japan during the traditional tea ceremony, Cha No Yu. Matcha is added to water or to a culinary preparation (cake, yogurt, smoothie, etc.). To prepare a bowl of matcha tea, put about 1 gram of matcha powder in...
A refreshing and surprising combination of different flavors of mint. This infusion will leave a feeling of freshness and lightness in the mouth. Feel the refreshing power of this infusion, hot or cold.
Our anti-stress infusion naturally promotes relaxation and contributes to your physical and mental well-being. Pleasant flavor infusion, Prepared from the blend of 100% organic plants: chamomile, lime, mint and linden
Widely used in Asian cuisines, lemongrass is also excellent as a hot or cold drink depending on your preferences. The infusion of lemongrass has antispasmodic, digestive tonic and calming properties: treatment of digestive and intestinal disorders; decreases gas and cramps.
Discover the floral flavor of perpetual violet infusion. Its unique characteristics strengthen the immune system, fight inflammation of the mouth, throat, hoarseness, cough and upset stomach.
Treat yourself to pure happiness in your cup with this delicious infusion composed of lemongrass, linden, basil and perpetual violet
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