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  • CHF 1,810.58 In Stock

    You are in search of a library today ? The Library "Rai" is made for you ! Manufactured from recycled wood massif, this piece is unique and full of history comes from the city of blue Jodhpur in India.

    CHF 1,810.58
    In Stock
  • CHF 1,383.47 Out of stock

    You want to embellish your residence or your bedroom ? Then discover our shelf "Dhananjay". This piece will also integrate well in a classic interior or a more contemporary. Council : This library could even make office furniture to shoes in an entry.

    CHF 1,383.47
    Out of stock
  • CHF 1,160.63 In Stock

    You do not know where to store your collection of books favorite ? No problem. Our library "Lavali" is what you need ! From the blue city Jodhpur in India, this piece of furniture will allow you multiple storage options.

    CHF 1,160.63
    In Stock
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items